New Year Intentions


I don’t write new years resolutions any more, at least not the conventional ones. These definitely work for some people, but for many, like myself, they tend to be unhealthy magnifications pinpointing everything you’re lacking.
I have come to the realization that for any good to happen, for anything brilliant and magical, outstanding and mesmerizing, you have to be in a space of utter gratitude. From gratitude comes a sense of ease and peace, and from peace comes awareness. With awareness you can’t help but find the softness and awe in every small and big moment.

So this is how I’d like to start: I am grateful for my life, exactly as it is right now and I hope you are too. And if you’re not, maybe it’s time for a shift in perspective.


I treat the New Year as an opportunity to reflect, an opportunity to look back without judgment and maybe try and pick out some of the recurring themes or feelings that came up for me. This can be extremely insightful and give you a big clue as to where you were at in 2017. You might also notice that things aren’t so random after all.
I also like to recognize how I grew and expanded from the adversities that came my way, what did I learn? How did I deal with them?
I find it useful to spend a little time noticing if there was anything that I neglected, anything I could’ve cultivated more of or even anything I could’ve let go that wasn’t necessarily benefiting me.
I lastly acknowledge some of the things I accomplished or some of my favourite memories, which puts me in a place of abundance and takes me out of that lacking space that is always so critical and unforgiving.

So now I choose intentions, I choose feelings I want to feel more of, I choose words I want to magnify in my life, I choose to visualize and manifest an inspiring life that could never be reflected in a 15 point New Years resolution list outlining what I shouldn’t eat and how many times I’ll go to the gym. I stray away from surface-level goals because these don’t excite me, at least not long-term.
I also make sure my intentions are not coming from a place of fear, or a feeling of inadequacy, or aiming to please others. My intentions are truly personal and meaningful and most importantly accepting of who I am right now, before the new year. It is not a dismissal of the year I just had, it’s merely context that provides insight that can help shape a life I’m proud and ecstatic to live.

Lastly, a little reminder that time is a great tool to keep record and keep ourselves accountable but you can start anything at any time. Don’t ever wait for a Monday, or the first of the month or the first of the year. Everything is always happening, so don’t let a concept come between you and your growth, learning and self-reflection.
With that being said, this is what I wish to cultivate more of this coming year. I hope it is the most luminous year yet.

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I want everything I create to have a pulse, a life hidden inside of it. I don’t want to create for the sake of creating, for the sake of trying to keep pace with a world so obsessed on creating content without purpose or meaning. This year I’ll create because I have something to share, because I believe there is value in what I make, because through creation I connect. I also want to tune in to my own pulse, to my own passions and curiosities, to my intuition. I want to listen to its rhythms and learn to read them. No more silencing the most natural, instinctual and raw parts of myself.


This was my word last year and I think it will always be my word. I still struggle with remaining vulnerable; I struggle with the fear of sharing too much because I never wanted to be ‘too much’. There is no such thing as ‘too much’ and this is what I have to keep reminding myself. There is such a thing as living in fear, in doubt, in resentment, in anger, from failing to remain open and vulnerable. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I want to be ‘too much’, I want to be excited by small things, I want to be emotional in a world that seems desensitized. I want to be able to talk without fear about my struggles because hurt is hurt no matter where you’re from. Being vulnerable makes me understanding and compassionate and brings me closer to my true self. So here’s to another year of vulnerability and of letting go of shame and fear.


To find the magnificence in everything and have a sense of reverence towards myself, others and the weird, weird world we live in. This I learned in India when we stayed in an Ashram for a couple of days. Everything was in reverence to God so everything we did had a special ritual, which made the simple things in life that we take for granted like eating, being in silence, going to bed seem like sacred practices. You don’t have to be religious to understand the word but I do feel you have to develop a spiritual practice in order to feel it truly. I want reverence to inspire my every creation, to remind me of the beauty and fragility of life and to never take anything for granted.


I want to make time. I was listening to a podcast the other day and there was an ad for Google Home claiming we didn’t even have time to use our hands to press play on the podcast of our choice. It might’ve been a silly, over-exaggerated ad but I wouldn’t be surprised if this didn’t shock many people. We’re all running from one place to the next, multi-tasking until the day is over and waking up to do exactly as we did the day before. It’s a trap. There are ways to live more mindfully, to live slowly, to live with awareness and it doesn’t mean you have to quit your job. It means you have to redirect your focus, it means you try and do one thing at a time being fully present. It means you slow down in order to quicken the pace to be more productive. I use this word also to refer to what I eat and what I wear. I want to take the time to cook my food, I want to wear clothes that acknowledge the unethical disaster that fast fashion is. I want to learn to truly enjoy and savour every experience. This will mean spending less time scrolling aimlessly on social media and more time having conversations, being outdoors, seeking real worthwhile connection. It means taking time to make myself a cup of tea, time to lie down and read and write. It means less doing and more being. Simple, satisfying and slow.

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1. Realise that you can (and should) have a vision of your life and you can (and should) manifest it

Grab yourself a piece of paper and write down everything you want in life and why you want it. Be very, very specific. Most neglect the why, but I believe you could write 100 things down and then reduce that list by half when you realize the why either doesn’t exist or isn’t powerful enough or what you were writing wasn’t truly what you wanted.
Realize that you can create the life you always wanted and realize that you have to wholly believe in it in order for it to work. This is when you have to trust in the universe, in the law of attraction, in fate or whatever you wish to call it.
Remember to feel into what you are writing. Feel the emotions that would come up if your intention were to manifest. Visualize what you would do if it were to come true, how would this benefit you and those around you? How would you feel?

  • Intention: I attract abundance into my life through my creative pursuits. That allows me to live the life I’ve always wanted to live and give back to the community around me and those in need.
  • How to make it specific: How much do I need to earn to be able to live comfortably? What creative work will I do? Who do I want to work with? What would benefit my community? How would I give back? How much would I give back? When do I want this by? How would this make me feel?

Keep your intentions close so that you read them daily and can focus your energy on them. There is enormous power in repetition and saying things out loud.

Listen to Esther Hicks or read any of her books, I especially enjoyed Ask and it is Given.
Read any books by Wayne Dyer, I especially liked Real Magic after it was recommended to me by a friend.

Watch these:
Tony Robbins - New Year, New You
Bob Proctor - Law of Attraction Explanation
Mel Robbins - The Secret to Self Motivation
Tony Robbins - The Magic of Visualization

2.   Realise you need to keep on learning in order to keep on growing

This is a big one, and probably one I’m most passionate about because I can see how quickly we deteriorate and become uninterested when we stop learning and think we have it all figured out. To learn, to seek knowledge, to quench your curiosities means you’re constantly opening yourself up, you’re constantly becoming more understanding, more humble, more interesting. So pick up a book on self-development, find a teacher or coach, learn about science, read up on creativity, listen to podcasts or join a learning platform like Skillshare (you can use our link to get two months for free, learn about people, learn different perspectives. You’ll inevitably grow. And remember, if you give more to yourself, you can ask more from yourself.

3.   Realise you are all you have so you should start taking care

When you start taking care of yourself, you’re better equipped to take care of others. Self-care can take many different forms, it can be a night out with yourself, it can be letting go of something that is not serving you, it can be buying yourself your favourite album/pants/perfume etc. The point is to get to know yourself in order to be able to take care of yourself. The point is listening to yourself and blocking all external noise to figure out what you truly need. The point is learning to understand and accept yourself as you are but not letting that limit you to what you can be. The point is to treat yourself with unconditional love, at all times, but especially during the rougher days. Self-care can be pretty, it can be getting a massage and buying yourself some flowers but keep in mind it can also be heart wrenching and difficult. It might mean ending a relationship, a friendship, it might mean doing a lot of digging around, sitting with uncomfortable emotions and taking time out to heal. Let’s learn to take care of ourselves not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

Saying no when I want and need
Saying yes when I want and need
Meditation and yoga practice
Eating fresh, healthy food
Positive affirmations
Going for a short or long walk tech-free

A day out with no social media
Do something I really love that is a bit more time consuming:
(baking, painting, hair/face masking, massage, going out to eat, calling a friend or family, going out dancing, seeing live music)
Real, authentic connection with people I love


4.  Realise there is a weird taboo around money that you have to let go of in order to make more money

This is the biggest realization of the year because I have always felt so uncomfortable towards money and towards people who make lots and lots of money.
What made me switch was imagining the people I loved the most and what they would do if they had an unlimited amount of resources. Only good could come out of that and now, more than ever, is when the world needs these people like my friends to be ridiculously rich. Compassionate, kind, creative, luminous people with lots of money can create big, lasting change in my opinion.
Also, let's not forget we only have one shot on this weird Earth so why wouldn’t you want to be the most generous, happy and full you that you can be? Money is nothing more than energy, just like everything else, you can either attract it or repel it and it isn’t inherently bad, it’s the people who use money for the wrong cause that are.
So come to terms with money, don’t be embarrassed by how much you have and don’t seek pity or feel cool for how little you have and how much you have to struggle. Rid yourself from the rich-people and money hating vocabulary and start talking positively about it.
Then you might find something you love doing that is of value and earn money through it, and then you might find something else, and something else and out of nowhere you’re doing all the things you love doing and you’re comfortable and financially independent.
I mean it takes a lot more work than that, it takes more risks, more trust, more learning, more being receptive, more focus, but we all need to start somewhere. And once you’re on the path, the universe will conspire to help you, it’s always the way.

The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success – Deepak Chopra
You’re a Badass at Making Money – Jen Sincero
Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Anything written by Bob Proctor
Anything written by Tony Robbins
Chris Guillebeau On Why You Need a Side Hustle - Rich Roll Podcast

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