If You Love Them Let Them Travel

I think the saying should go:


If you love someone, let them travel.



Let them see,

Let them learn,

Let them meet.


If you love someone, let them travel.


Don’t stand in between them and the world,

In between them and the possibility of a grander life,

In between them and the natural instinct that is to explore, question and collect,


Photographs, numbers, train tickets, maps, a shell from that one beach that was completely empty and it looked like it wrapped itself around the world, it was so vast.



If you love someone, let them travel

Let their stories become longer, more intricate,

And listen,

Listen as they revisit every small town and big city, every sunny morning and windy afternoon through curious moments and strange happenings they will keep tightly packed in between the everyday life thoughts and then everything that happened before they looked at the sky with their feet on foreign ground.


If you love someone, let them travel.


Let them fall in love with themselves through every decision made alone,

Every lunch spent in silence,

Every long bus ride staring out the window.



If you love someone, let them travel.


Let them discover that through simplicity comes many layers of happiness,

And that elegance has absolutely nothing to do with the shoes they left behind and everything to do with learning how to feel pleasure.


Pleasure opening a plump fig found on the side of the road,

Pleasure in taking off their shoes after spending the better part of the day in busy streets, steep mountains, rocky beaches,

Pleasure in sitting down to have their first coffee,

Open a new book,

Smile at a stranger they’ll never see again.


If you love someone, let them travel.


Promise to hold their space if they wish to return,

Promise you’ll listen to the stories they’ll be so eager to tell,

Promise you’ll read the postcard, hang it on the fridge door and smile,


Because traveling will expand every bit of their being.

They’ll have more to offer,

More answers to the very same question,

More solutions to the very same problem,



If you love someone, let them travel.


They will share their precious collection with you,

Their own version of the world that will make you feel like you’ve been places too.

The more they see, the more you see.


Lots of love and many hugs,